"Identifying potential – developing value.”
"Identifying potential – developing value.”
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Heureka Real Estate (Heureka) is an owner-managed developer of real estate projects and real estate investor in the Rhine-Main region.

With this exclamation, Archimedes (mathematician, ca. 287-212 B.C.) leapt out of his bath after he had discovered the principle of buoyancy. He is said to have been so eager to share his discovery with others that he ran euphorically through the streets of Syracuse.

“(H)eureka!” is both the name and the philosophy of our company Heureka Real Estate GmbH. The term aptly symbolizes our way of working: successfully confronting a complex task and enthusiasm when a solution has been found.

Our philosophy is based on bringing together the elementary factors – location, capital, and idea – to create interesting project configurations.

As developers we are operating in a dynamic market, in which it is crucial to free ourselves from rigid specifications and to search for new solutions.

Our focus is on innovative properties in attractive locations. In this way, Heureka is creating modern working and living environments that become oases of well-being in urban areas.

Heureka was founded in 2008 by its two managing partners, Robert Waidhaas and Andreas Rossmann. The projects currently under development have a total volume in excess of EUR 100 million.