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Mainz Zollhafen

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Mainz Zollhafen


Rheinallee Zollhafen Mainz
55118 Mainz

Project period



25,262 sq m

Construction of over 40 upmarket condominium apartments, rental apartments, and a hotel

The newly created Zollhafen district of Mainz incorporates living, working, cafés/restaurants, a hotel, and shopping in a prime central location. Heureka and Soravia have acquired the ca. 6,400 sq m “Rheinallee I” construction site there, in order to construct around 40 high-quality condominium apartments, almost 80 rental apartments, and a ca. 200-room hotel. 25,262 sq m BGF are to be built on the site, which adjoins the Kunsthalle at the southern entrance to the new district.

The architectural competition, involving seven well-known practices, four from Germany and three from Austria, was unanimously decided in favour of Hamburg-based KBNK.

The jury was particularly impressed by the winning design’s idea of positioning the hotel as a free-standing six-storey building opposite the Kunsthalle. The rental and condominium apartments are laid out in the buildings adjoining to the north, with the condominium apartments facing the harbour basin. The consistent five-storey arrangement of the apartments was recognised as a special quality of the design. As a result, the largest section of the building is one storey lower than the other new buildings on Rheinallee.

Heureka Development was charged with carrying out the planning and project management. It brought the project to readiness for development and ensured that the planning consent was granted. At the end of 2019, the company successfully sold its interest in the project to a private investor.