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The company’s activities are geared to a manage-to-core strategy. We understand this to mean the acquisition of properties with potential for increased value because of technical and/or commercial shortcomings, or location-related factors. Active asset management, taking into account the structural, legal, and technical conditions, can increase the earning capacity and hence the value of the property.


Rhine-Main-Neckar area:

  • Frankfurt am Main, including the surrounding conurbations, such as
    • Offenbach,
    • Hanau
    • Dreieich
  • Wiesbaden
  • Darmstadt
  • Mainz
  • Mannheim
  • Heidelberg


  • Residential buildings, commercial properties, and mixed residential and commercial properties
  • In general, the properties should be in medium to good residential locations, whereby developing locations are of particular interest
  • Properties that are partially let and/or with short unexpired lease terms are preferred
  • Moderate to good technical condition, with maintenance backlog up to 50% of the purchase price
  • Privately financed or up to 50% financial commitment
  • Suitable for extensions, redevelopments, and/or change of use or complete demolition


  • In general, the above-ground BGF(≈GEA) should be at least 1,500 sq m
  • In selected locations of Frankfurt and Darmstadt, also from 1,000 sq m of above-ground BGF(≈GEA)


We are looking forward to your offers and are at your disposal for any further questions.

Contact person:
Robert C. Waidhaas MRICS
T +49 6151 520 55 86

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