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Interview with the managing partners of Heureka

Robert C. Waidhaas and Andreas V. Rossmann are the founders of Heureka Real Estate. In this interview they explain their objectives and what drives them as entrepreneurs. 

What makes Heureka Real Estate special – and what sets you apart from the competition?

Robert C. Waidhaas: Heureka Real Estate stands for interdisciplinary competence from a single source. We combine the areas of financing and project development. This enables us to meet our clients’ diverse requirements in the increasingly complex, networked real estate world …

Andreas V. Rossmann: … and to cover the entire value-creation chain of a development, starting with the acquisition of properties and sites, participation in the planning services and construction work, through to final sale. 

That’s what many companies claim …

Andreas V. Rossmann: We don’t claim it, we live it! For example, I am an architect – and then I studied real estate economics at the IRE/EBS. This was because I wanted not just to design and build but also to understand the overall context of a development, stage by stage, and to take an active part in facilitating it. So far, nothing about this has changed.

Robert C. Waidhaas: It’s similar for me. The only difference is that I come from the financial world, where I worked as an investment banker in London for many years. However, as I have always been fascinated by real estate, qualification as a real estate economist was also an obvious step for me. In this way, we complement each other perfectly and can therefore assess all aspects of a development from different perspectives. This enables us to give optimal advice and support to clients in the implementation of their projects. 

Your success has proved you right. What are your plans for the future?

Andreas V. Rossmann: That’s true. Our competence, and the passion for real estate that we share with our business partners, has enabled us to become established in the market relatively quickly. With the “Bessunger Logen” in Darmstadt and the “Neroblick” in Wiesbaden, we have shown that we can implement architecturally challenging but nevertheless attractive residential development projects that are keenly accepted by the market. We will continue along this route in the future. While doing so, we are particularly committed to ecological sustainability…

Robert C. Waidhaas: … and therefore, in the implementation of all projects and the fit-out of the properties, whether residential or commercial, we are constantly guided by our own high standards of quality and aesthetics. In the future, we will position ourselves even more broadly and we will be more active in the hotel, micro-apartment and office sectors. 

This will be accompanied by growth of the company. What does working for Heureka Real Estate mean?

Robert C. Waidhaas: Our aim, in all projects, is always to work accurately and on time, in the planning, implementation, marketing and financing. Our staff have to meet this challenge. In return, with us they can introduce their own ideas, develop and implement them. A flat corporate hierarchy and an entrepreneurial culture make this possible.

Andreas V. Rossmann: Our staff must share our view of real estate. We do not consider our developments just as financially challenging projects, implemented in concrete and glass, but as a responsibility for the future. This is because buildings, whether hotels, residential or offices, will dominate the townscape of our cities and municipalities for a long time to come. Our properties are dedicated to the well-being of their future users. They should therefore contribute to improving the quality of life and working environment of their occupiers and residents.